Naila and the Uprising

Your 41 years of life weren’t a waste

Karma man — they live in me now

41 years of revolved earth, 71 years of horror

You live in me now

Through Naila and her uprising

Through your stupid mask

And bloody supreme justice

Through your brother’s angry tweets

he says

Cause he don’t wanna wave to Bobby The Good Ol’ Boy

from a

Separate water fountain

Doesn’t wanna “break bread” with Will and his

White Hood under his Dress Blues

Rebel to the Rebel Flag!

No settling with no “settlers”

Not DTF with Brandon and his IDF

Okay, okay, I get it now

I can step right the fuck off with my “logic”

Don’t think so emotionally, man

Temper yourself with some logic, man

“Logic” was Nakba Day?

“Logic” is a prison — with invisible cages?

So I get why

You’ll trade “their” salad for

Hummus with Hamas

I get why

You hate these United States of Apartheid lovers

Hey man, I truly get that too

Shit I’m heading to Asia-Pacific — aka APAC as they

Fawn here over AIPAC

Rocks, paper, tanks — (they) shoot!

Jesus, dude

King of the Syrian Jews

I’m so fucking sorry

I translated your pain into emojis

I guess I’ll just have to resist with you

…from afar

Trashing my parent’s Ahava


Following Rashida

Debating against Western supremacy

Mediuming tall

Right then.


Started Halloween night

Ended Halloween night

Started with the 2nd intifada

Ended with…God. I don’t even know.

I….I fucked this up.

Tortured by injustice now

You taught me everything I know



Systems of oppression

And the fight against

No Oliver Twist shit

No you were my

Coder Bobby Sands

71 years of horror

41 years of unabashed resistance

And one day you will win

And return

‘Till then, thank you….

For everything

From the river to the sea,

Green red white & black

Live within me

hey young world, the world is yours