युद्ध का हथियार — हमारा पहला प्यार

Weapons of war — our first and foremost love

Weapons of war — our first and foremost love

Just as we eat our food

Just as we wear our clothes

Just as we go to school

We hear of yet another shooting

We used to worship God, now we worship guns

Perhaps the soul of this country has fallen ill

Perhaps it’s spirit has broken

How many more blessings and prayers will we have to give?

How many more candles for the slain will we have to light?

How many more times will we read of the shooter’s “troubled life”?

Our children are marching for their lives

While our politicians are lining their pockets

They have chosen bullets over love

They have chosen the NRA over the ERA

Is this what our founding fathers wanted?

That these sacred guns have more rights

…than our own children?

They told us that God made all men equal

Yet it seems that guns are more equal than humans

This generation has been tasked to end this madness

And we must finish this task now

Otherwise, it will be us

For whom they will light the candles